Which are the benefits and the drawbacks of tourism ?

Tourism is an enormous chapter that has both beneficial and negative impacts on each country. Generally, only the positive side usually prevails. Unfortunately, tourism can also be a source of problems too.

A method of raising the vita of the local economy is by increasing tourism. “Travel and tourism is a powerful tool for governments to generate revenues and create jobs.”, Glen Peterson a professional in the field once said. According to this quote, tourism increases the revenue of the economy, enriches a business, creates jobs, and pays public services. So there is an economic impact in many sectors because it is far more than hotels and restaurants which only benefit tourism.

However, there is an issue between the revenues and the businessmen. Oftentimes, foreign companies are attracted by opportunity and steal the work from local businesses. For instance, Germany has the most international airlines, so if a person travels to Greece, the money that is spent on transportation is owned by German employees, and smaller Greek airlines will be out of work. This means that foreign investors tend to make major profits, leaving local businesses with little benefit and thus the economy of that country.

Another advantage of tourism is the means of creativity and development which enhances. A country should present their renowned and exhilarating tourist attractions for providing international connections which can bring more business. So it provides a means and an incentive for public services such as roads, rail networks, and local medical and education facilities for having a substantial presence to tourists.  

On the other side, the influx of visitors creates various problems and as a recent study, this has been augmented by 1600 million tourists during 30 years. The huge number of visitors can slowly damage the beauty, character, environment, uniqueness, and resources of a destination. Consequently, the quaint image of this place is worn out by over-tourism.

To sum up, by recognizing the advantages and disadvantages of tourism, the tourism industry will be able to change for the better and decrease the drawbacks for creating a well-organized country.

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