Where is my camera?

Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera but it wasn’t there. He had arrived in Rome that morning and his first desire, after leaving his suitcases at the hotel, was to taste a real Italian coffee. He was at a café when he saw a famous monument on the other side and he wanted to take a photo of it. So, when he opened his backpack he realized that his camera wasn’t there. But he was sure that he had taken it with him after leaving the hotel!

As he was very stressed, he started looking for it around the café. A lot of time passed, but he couldn’t find it so he decided to see it outside. There he met an ice-cream seller and told him about the camera. The ice-cream seller hadn’t seen the camera but he wanted to help. A lot of time passed, but they couldn’t find it. 

Finally, when Ken called the police he heard a loud voice” Ken, wake up. You will be late for work!” He realized that it was just a dream and he felt so relieved!

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