Where is my camera?

Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. He had finished from a photoshoot late in the afternoon and he wanted to take a picture of a couple. When he saw it wasn’t in his backpack he started to panic.

Then he remembered that he had been to a lovely cafe to drink a cup of coffee. He ran immediately to the cafe to ask the lady there if he had left the camera there. When he got there the lady said that no one had found a camera.

Frustrated walking back home he remembered that he stopped to get ice cream after he had left the cafe. He started running but he remembered that the ice cream shop was across the city. Bus after bus, subway after subway he finally got there. When the ice cream seller saw him he immediately handed his camera.

Ken was extremely relieved. After 3 hours of searching for his camera, he finally got it. He tipped the man a couple of dollars and then left. It was an evening full of frustration and anxiety. He made a promise to himself, that he would never take his eyes off the camera.


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