My Book Review

Who wrote this book
Trace Moroney.

What is this book about?
The title of this book is “when i’m feeling lonely” by Trace Moroney. It’s an other book of the feeling-series book, wich is the most popular book series of her. She is an author ,illustrator and book designer too.
Feeling lonely can make you feel like you are so different and there is no one else like you. This is a very bad feeling even for an adult. Many children feel lonely. The feeling-book series of Trace Moroney help young children to develop skills, to understand and manage their feelings and to get self-confidence.

My Favourite part
Always at the end of the book there are a few words for the parents explaining how to read the feeling book to their children.

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
The books of this series are nice and educational. The illustration is very cute and enloyable for children.

The end!

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