What’s your communication style?

Success in all areas of life depends substantially on our communication skills. Being aware of how you and others communicate and adjusting your communication style accordingly leads to effective communication. So they are four styles called analytical, expressive, amiable and driver. In analytical communication style we usually classify people who their main characteristics are that they are fact-orientated, data-driven, methodical and perfectionist. People are in expressive communication style when they are idea-originated, spontaneous, visionary and impulsive. Also in amiable communication style are people who are relationship-orientated, diplomatic, empathetic and submissive. Lastly we have the driver communication style in which we enlist people who are results-orientated, risk-taking, decisive & forthright and dominating. So I can find myself in three of these styles. In analytical because always I have to be perfect and justify my words with real facts. Also I believe that I belong to expressive communication style because I must say that most of the times I am a very visionary and idea-orientated person. At the end, people who are more sensitive that the others like I am appertain in amiable communication style. After all, who are we without knowing our communication style and then our character?

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