What would be the best managment of the problem of aging population by the government?

Have you ever wondered about population aging and how that may influence you? It is one of the majorest problems in the community that is not discussed often. In general, population aging is an increasing percentage of people who are becoming older. Also declining fertility and increasing longevity are some of the problems that are causing the elderly to rise throughout the world. On the surface, it doesn’t look serious as all the people physically get older, but if senior citizens are increased concerning the percentage of the young ones then it will be a problem. In my view, I think it is really important to be taken measures rapidly by the government.

Population aging is poised to become one of the most significant social transformations of the last century. This means that plentiful sectors, as economic sectors will have negative implications. Just imagine the number of the young people versus that of the older people, if fewer young people are working than the elderly, then a country may not have a comfortable economic situation. Because there is an obligation from the government to maintain the old-age pension, so this means that others should work to pay these expenses. That has been provably by a government study which proves the majority of the money that a country has spent is more than the money that has been raised. 

The answer which could help in the economic point of view is to make people work longer. The government should involve increasing the retirement age from 65 to 70. In other words, people will pay income tax for a longer period offering a bigger amount of money to the country. Parallelly, the government will control the old-age pension fluently. However, another problem that may appear with increasing the retirement age is that it will affect different types of workers differently. A laborer will find it difficult to keep working until 70 in contrast to an office worker, it will be easier. This means that if the government decides to put the above idea into practice it will have to consider all the professions and difficulties of each one.

Another way in which countries would be benefited is by increasing their births. Dr Klein said characteristically << Aging of the overall population can be explained by two distinct trends: increasing longevity and falling birth rates.>>. This statement is unmistakably true according to other countries’ diagrams. Consequently, the government should develop a way to encourage families and parents to have more than one child. This will be achieved by finding the principal problem, which is money.  So, governments should give appropriate money to families in order to have the chance to give birth to more children without thinking about children’s expenses and future needs. This movement aims to reduce the number of older people and at the same time increase the youngest members of the community. 

Having said all these, the aging population is one of the most intense problems that does not seem severe but its results are really negatively affecting the community, and governments should solve this phenomenon as soon as possible, by increasing the working-age and giving extra money to families so they can afford the life of raising one child.

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