What makes me happy in Quarantine

What makes me happy in Quarantine

These days aren’t the best to go out. I would like to share with you how I am spending my time and make my shelf as happy as I can.

We all have friends who stay far away in other cities and it is difficult to connect. It’s time to talk with them from Skype or Viber.

Coronavirus made it hard to eat out at our favourite restaurant. It is time for me to practice my cook skills on healthy recipes. I learnt how to make pasta, baked beans, vegetarian cupcakes and other things.

It is a great time for me to wake up in the morning and practice some fun exercises that my coach sent to me to do.

What is more beautiful than coming together as a family. We are playing board games, we are watching movies, we are going for short walks and we are trying to spend as much time together.

It is rare to find opportunities like these to spend a good time with my family and do a lot of things that I like!!!

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