What is the future of language?

What a monotonous world it would be without the mixed cultures and languages? Some experts believe that 90% of languages will become extinct. These predictions are based on real facts, so they will become true, because of globalization.
All the world’s languages have changed because of globalization. As the countries are getting connected to each other, because of marketing, education, and tourism, they must have something similar and familiar to communicate. The answer is one global dialect. For example, if someone wants to work abroad, it would be easier for him to communicate with one global language, which is English. This means that this concept of one accent makes our lives more comfortable and accessible. However, it has en effect in other languages, where might be extinct.
Furthermore, there is another enormous factor which helps in language extinction, the internet. Yes, the internet will make use of the English language. For instance, the youngest greek generation has created a new style, called Greeklish. It is a mix of their mother tongue and the global language. This happens because people search for information in English and then they are texting greek worlds into the English alphabet. In some years, Greek might be changed, or be archaic, or will develop as a dialect similar to English.
To conclude, there is a reduction in the world’s languages and this will be more intense in the future. However, this change will help our daily lives.

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