What gifts did I get for Christmas?

I did not send a letter to Santa Claus this year because I was constantly changing my mind about what I wanted to see under the Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve. But this year I had no complaints about my gifts because I always got gifts for my birthday. The first gift I got was the taboo table is a nice table but it wants a lot of people so we found another way to play with three people namely my mom me and my sister. The second gift I got was my mom’s birthday present which was *50 euros. My grandmother’s gift was 50 euros. My aunt’s gift was 20 euros. My Godmother’s gift was pyjamas and clothes. My sister’s godmother’s gift was a bag, Harry Potter and shoes. The uncle and aunt’s gift was the sixth Harry Potter book. The gift mam’s friend was a mug and a teddy bear with sequins. Santa’s gift was a perfume workshop. And the last gift was a wooden clock.

*The money I want for a telephone

That it's all my gifts I know it's a lot but now at carantin I have I will have many things to do.
Bye for now!!!

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