What are the best means of dealing with stress?

Every single person these days is trying to cope with the pressures that they face as part of modern life. All these things we have to cope with is the obligations, and the need to participate in everything we see, and at the same time to be good at it.

The big issue on the hectic pace of modern life is the stress we carry with us. If we want to deal with all that pressure, we need to identify the causes and the reasons that are making us feel so much stress and anxiety. At first, technology has consequences in our life, I understand the fact that technology gives us the opportunity to connect with other people from the other side of the world, but isn’t a little bit tiring to be constantly connected. Today we have access to so many different apps such as, Facebook, Instagram, Tic-Toc, and we actually feel the burden to be active every day, 24/7. These exact actions and habits make us feel more and more pressure. Wouldn’t it be nice to detox from our digital devices?

Beside that nowadays there’s a niche for everything, a label, and we are trying to fit. Again social media are intruding in our choices. For example, if you scroll in your Instagram dashboard you will see so many videos and photos of different bloggers who are actually advertising, going for vacations, showing the working out routine they have, and at the same time are good parents and doing so many things in such a little time. All these things are an image of perfection, but this isn’t real, in real life you don’t have the time to do all those things and after all, do you really need to have that perfect image? It Is exhausting to maintain an image of perfection and you totally don’t need this.

All these together have a big impact on your quality of life, on your physical and mental health. It is possible for everyone to deal with that kind of stress and pressure, and even regain control of your life. For instance, ask yourself why you try to be good at everything good, and why is everything for everyone. Besides that, you think that’s what is expected of you? Or is it something deeper. Apart from that try to unplug from your social media devices, gives you a chance to find other ways that matter and gives you meaning to your life, such as reading a book, as going for a walk on the beach or your towns park. You need to learn how to prioritize, to not pull yourself towards so many directions.

The best way to cope with stress is to accept the things as they are, identify the source that adds more pressure in your life. Give attention to your actions and your habits. Stop giving excuses and accept things as they are. Everyone can change, It Is in our hands.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression are caused when we are living to please others.”

– Paulo Coelho


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