Violin is so sweet..

Hello to everyone my name is Casey!
In my free time i like reading books, playing music and watching YouTube videos. My favorite hobby is playing the violin. I love playing violin because it sounds so sweet and it’s one of my favorite music instruments. I started violin for the first time in the “Music School” that’s the school that i go. I play violin only in my free time. I like learning a lot of languages too! I can speak Greek, Albanian, English and a German. When i have free time I read Greek, Albanian and English books cause they make me feel happy, sad and sometime anxious. That’s all about me.

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  • Don’t ever lose your excitement and passion for the things that you love doing, especially since you have a talent in learning foreign languages! But please do me a favor! STOP USING THE PHRASE “THAT’S ALL ABOUT ME” AT THE END OF EVERY ESSAY YOU WRITE ABOUT YOU!!! 😀
    love u!

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