Valuable forms of communication.

Everyone uses different ways to communicate with others. Communication is essential because people need to talk with others, to give or take advice for a problem. The real question; are there any valuable forms of communication?
On the one hand, we have face-to-face communication. With this way, it is easier to understand the body language and with is I mean to understand your friend feelings. Similarly, you can help the other solve a problem or the opposite. In the same way, people interact and create a strong bond.
On the other hand, we have electronic communication. This category consists of social media, video calls, messages. With this way, we can cover distance so we can easily talk with someone in a long distance. Likewise, you can talk with our friend from a lot of time and at our convenience. The negative that have this way is that is not easy to understand the others body language.
I am totally opposed with the first way but this period with the quarantine, video calls are an easy way to keep contact with your friends. In conclusion, both forms of communication are essential because people need to interact with others.

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