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Upside-Down Magic is a family movie directed by Joe Nussbaum. The main characters are Nory and Reina played by Izabella Rose and Siena Agudong.
In this movie, a little girl Nory discovered that she had magical powers. Having grown up with her best friend Reina who also had magical powers, she went to a magic school where there would be with other children to learn how to handle better their magical forces. There all the children had a magic test to see if they had Upside Down Magic or not. Nori, who had the power to transform into any animal she wanted, failed the test which meant that her magic wasn’t right but her best friend succeeded in the test. For this reason, Nory entered a class that would not use magic until it was lost because they believed that the dark magic would enter them and they would become a monster. If they defeated the child who had become a monster, the child would disappear forever. Reina was sad for her friend but did not stop struggling to achieve her goal in a class of successful people who had the power to control the fire. Nori did not want to lose the power she loved so much, so she and her friends who were in the same class did not stop trying to do their magic right.
At the end of the movie, something happened that no one expected. Reina saw a girl her age that no one else saw, this girl was the dark magic that after making Reina trust her, got inside her and became a monster. Nori and her friends wanted to help even if their magic was not right because they believed they had to do what they had to do, right. So they defeated the monster without losing Reina. As you can understand, everything changed in this school.
I suggest it to you because it has a lot to teach you. The message it wants to pass on to you is that you should never stop trying to achieve your goal. My favourite character is Nori because she never stopped trying to do well in what she can do.

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Senior E

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