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Who wrote this book
Published by Malliaris education.

What is this book about?
Troy is the epic historical film made in 2004, wich is about the Trojan war. The battles between the Greek army against the army of the king of troy ,Priam, After his youngest son Paris grabbed his beautiful wife of king Menelaus, Queen Helen, from Sparta. After that king Menelaus with the most famous kings of Greece crusaded. Against troy, to bring the queen buck. After 11 years of war the Greeks suceeded to win the war using the gigantic wooden horse that odysseus were hiding inside the hose, so st night they opened the ciry gates allowing their army eutrance and distoy the city of troy.

My Favourite part
This is a good film to see ,it’s an adventure. I like the costums and the music. I like Brad Pitt in the main role of Achilles. The real wooden horse was used in the film , now is on the molin wad of the Turkish town Camakkale, wich is very near to ancient Troy. It’s one of the singhtseeings of the town ,as the other findigs of Troy.

How many stars?
I give this book 5 Stars

Do you recommend this book?
The only thing i don’t likr watching the film is that thaey have changed the plot of the myth. I wish the script was closer to the myth of Achille’s death.

The end!

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