Treat others the way you want them to be treated.

Yesterday, I took a lesson of life from the kindest person in the world. My name is Lukas, a seventeen years old boy who was fired having financial problems. This means that I borrowed a little amount of money from an older guy so now he wanted his money back. The feeling of nervousness, despair, and anxiety were controlling me while I was touching my knife. I did not know what I was doing or even what I had to do to find the missing money. So I approached with a knife a man walking on the train stairs and asked him to give me his wallet. Fortunately, he gave it very quickly instead of shouting or dissenting, and I left. Nevertheless, he followed me telling me << Hey, wait a minute, you forgot something! If you are going to robbing people for the rest of the night you might take as well my coat to keep you warm>>. Surprisingly, I turned over, looked into his eyes wondering why he did it. you know. And after the first shock, he asked me to follow him for dinner! I never had met before such a good person’s behavior. Now you can imagine the continue. We ate together and I gave him his wallet back. I was impressed by his kindness when he explained to me his thought that I probably needed the money and that was the reason why I stole instead of criticizing me or taking me to the police. Also, he gave me twenty dollars and I gave him my knife. At this moment, I did not care about the only item that I had, because I had completed the amount of money that I owed. Taking all into account, I realized that we have to treat others the way we want them to be treated. This guy was an example of kindness understating that if we treat nicely to others we will be more friendly, sociable, and accepted by others. Whatever our problems are, always there going to be a good person in our lives.

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  • Awesome. story Rania. Love how you used the perspective of the boy who had the knife!

    • Thank you!!! I tried to describe the details as much as possible.

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