Travelling broadens the mind…

Travelling is useful for us, in order to learn a lot of things about the places that we visit for enjoyment and vacations too. I believe if people go to different places around the world, they can learn about those places.

Firstly, if you visit a city, a town or a village, you can see all the sites, like museums and castles and learn a lot about the people who live there. Also, you can walk on high streets and on the narrow streets and you can see buildings, squares and coffee shops. For example, visiting an exotic city in Europe and drinking coffee while observing the residents would be very informative and you would learn a lot about their culture. Additionally, you can learn about the culture and the habits of the people, the history and the customs of the place. Travelling in some town in Greece or in another country is very interesting.

Overall these travel experiences are very enjoyable and educational at the same time. So personally I believe that visiting a lot of places in the world is good for us.

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