Travelling by train

When we lived in Athens, we wanted to go Trikala and spend our holidays with grandparents. Dad couldn’t come with us, so we planned to travel by train. Mum clid the suitcases and we got a train early in the morning. My sister and little brother were very happy because it was their first journey with a train. We found our seats and then a man dressed like a policeman checked our tickets. Then mum said to get breakfast in the restaurant carriage. We got juice, biscuits, croissants and chocolate milk. Then we return to our seats watching out of the big windows. My brother got bored and started to ask if we have almost arrived.NO, said mum, it’s a long journey and you have to be patient. Why we don’t tell a story to pass the time didn’t pass enough and he asked again if we are near.NO, it’s still a long way to go. He continued to complain until he fell asleep and stayed quiet. We arrived after 5 hours travelling and grandparents were waiting for us at the railway station. We were all very happy and l think it worthed being patient.

Apostolis M.

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