Thursday 13th October 2020


Student’s book page 17 exercise 9


Nobody can deny that travel changes our mind of thinking, makes us happier and broadens our mental horizons with useful information about the world and cultures. On the other hand, going trips and exploring the world with airplanes and cars, it can be very harmful for the environment.


In the first text, the writer says that the tourism population has raised and they travel more than in the last two decades. It also says that travel can change the way we are thinking and it help us to see the countries we are visiting with a different point of view. Obviously, if the visitors visit and travel, more and more economic benefits it will have the country.  In my personal experience and opinion is that travel makes us better and more out mind people and we get away from our every-day routine, which is very good for our health.


The second text, discusses about the bad impacts of tourism and the environmental issues that it makes. Without doubt, tourism in our days has been a serious source of pollution, due to the unhealthy ways of transportation like airplanes, ships, trains and the cars. Another problem which pollutes the country is the big groups of tourism. Why is that a problem? The problem is that they pollute the areas and they make more noisy the roads of the city.


The texts obviously views different reactions about the tourism. The way I see it, the two texts have an interesting point of view and the both of them are right but we stop traveling, the countries will have economic problems.

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