Tom clancy’s rainbow six siege

rainbow six is a battle game with weapons and with different characters.This game is 5vs5 defenders vs attackers, defenders have 1minute to prepare their base for the bombs, they barricade and reinforce the doors and the walls.Attackers have 1minute to find the bombs with the drones. After the 1minute finish the attackers have to defuse the bombs with the defuser or to kill all enemies. Defenders have to kill all attackers or destroy the defuser. All players have their own gadgets, some PULSE is one defender and he has one camera and with this camera he can see attackers behind the walls or doors. ASH is an attacker and her gadget is an RPG that it can destroy walls. All players have their own biography, THATCHER is from england and he is 52 years old.I like this game very much and i think nthat you have to play it the game has a test server for the new players and for testing the new opperators. Also the game has packs that have uniforms,headgears,weapons skins or charms for the opparators you can win cash from the matches and buy opperators or bundles that have uniforms and headgears.

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