This Christmas

This year we had to celebrate Christmas while we were in a quarantine because of the deadly virus. It is very different from last year but I’m sure that it has its pros and cons.

Last year we used to go last minute shopping in order to buy a Christmas tree, ornaments, presents and provisions to make the turkey and the pudding. On the Christmas Eve children were on the road singing carols, wishing Merry Christmas to strangers. Last year, almost every day from 24th on December until the 1st of January we used be in a rush and visiting different homes each day to dinner with them and spending happy moments together.

This year was a bit different. We were in quarantine so we couldn’t do all these amazing acts together. We decorated last year’s tree with last year’s ornaments. We listened to Christmas carols with the help of YouTube. This year we didn’t had the opportunity to go to the mall to buy presents but we ordered them online. And lastly, we couldn’t go out to see our friends and spend some time together but we managed it and spend some time by video chatting in front of a screen.

This year also did a lot of goods. We couldn’t go out so we had to spend some time inside with our family or our roommates. So we had the opportunity to spend time together and get to know each other better. We also got to know ourselves better and recognize aspects of our character. We’ve learnt to be more patient and react calmer than before Corona virus.

To sum up, 2020 was tougher than every other year and staying inside these holy days didn’t do us any good. It is something we can’t avoid. But we will get stronger and stronger every day. Happy holidays without quarantine are coming.

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