Think of a shopping experience you had.

This July I went on a trip with my mom to Thessaloniki for one month, to see my sister and generally to do a lot of shopping. We lived in my sister’s house and we were transporting by bus.
One afternoon my sister wanted to buy some chairs for her living room from Ikea. The next day we took the 2k bus and went to Ikea. When we arrived I felt so tiny! The building was huge. It had the half building yellow and the other half blue and the label was colored also yellow. When we went inside it had everything about a living room: furniture, things for decoration and also it had its own cafeteria and restaurant! My favourite thing inside this building is: they already decorated rooms which show as a total of the IKEA products. Because I wanted to ”explore” them, specifically to open all the cardboards sit to all the chairs and sofas lying on the beds and e.c.t that’s how I got lost inside this huge building.
That’s how all happened: In the middle of the Ikea I wanted to a little bit further than my mom and my sister was, to a ”kitchen ” and I told that to my sister. She said ok and I will wait for you, but after five minutes she forgot me and she left without me. When I realized it, it was too late. Both of them have gone far away. I immediately started to panic and searching for them but I remembered what my mother said to me: If you get lost, you will stay in the place when you realized that we have gone. So I followed that and waited for my mum. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my phone with me. I was feeling so nervous and awkward that I almost cried luckily after ten minutes my sister remembered me and with my mom they started to search for me. She tried to hide her tears but I understood it.
After all those, I always hold my mother when I enter huge buildings. I felt so relieved and relaxed when they found me. That’s my unforgettable shopping experience.

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