The wrong suitcase

Tom got off the train and as the train left, he realized he was holding the wrong suitcase. Shocked, he shouted to the driver to stop the train but it was too late. The train had left from the dock. So he was waiting for the next train.

When Tom arrived at his destination sadly he took the road to his home. While he was walking, he was curious to see what had the suitcase inside. He sat down on a bench, he opened it and what he saw there? The suitcase was full of syringes and some tools that looked like knives.

Terrified, he tried to call the police but when he opened his phone, another number was calling him. Then he noticed that the number on the phone was the same as the number on the suitcase’s tag. He didn’t know what he had to do.

Then he decided to pick up the phone. The man explained to him that the suitcase was his and that he was a surgeon so all the items in the suitcase were tools for his job. Relieved, he told him that he was in the park and that he could come to change their suitcase.

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