The Vampire of Croglin Grange

It was the perfect place for holidays an old manor house set among wooded valleys and rolling moors where they could walk all day and never see another human soul. Three persons a brother Jack his sister Amelia and his brother Mickael.

In the evenings said Amelia we will tell each other ghosts stories by candlelight. Croglin Grange! It does sound so wonderfully gothic! There was even an old chapel in the grounds. Sadly the door was shut. Never mind she said. We can ask in the village. Somebody must have a key. How did you manage to rent the place so cheaply? Jack asked Mickael. Well, I am afraid there is no electricity and no servants said Mickael. That does not matter! Cook our own food come and go as we like. Without servants hovering around, looking all disapproving we can do as we please. Next morning the brothers were up bright and early all set for a day exploring the moors Amelia had not slept a wink. << I could not sleep for the sound of the rain rattling against my window. It did not rain last night said, Jack. The grounds are as dry as a bone. Amelia yawned. Then it must have been a branch blown by the wind. Tap Tap Tap and then the vampire appears and told them to go away. This time all was afraid and run out. In the end, they go to their home to their parents.

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