The truth about popularity in schools

Being popular at school is an issue that many students have on their minds. It is apparent that there is a big percentage of students in schools who are popular. However, it is said that being popular has two sides, good and bad.

To start with, there are many benefits to being popular at school. Take the example of confidence. Children who are popular (they) also have bigger confidence than other kids. That is why; they greet a big number of friends’ every day. Similarly they can talk in front of a crowd and present their projects without having anxiety. Another benefit is having a big circle of friends. This is because they can talk properly to new people and express their opinions. As a result, they create many friends in a short period of time.

On the other hand, being popular has them problems and negative thoughts. For instance, in a big group of peoples always there is face resentment. A popular child many times reduces others without realizing it and he is arrogant. That is why their classmates and other children who called them friends treat and make laugh of the popular children. Another drawback is the feeling of being lonely. A lot of people believe that having popularity in school makes you feeling happy and having lots of friends. In reality, always there is a lack of close friendships. Also, this loneliness creates other problems as drinking, smoking, and drives the popular children to bad friendships and dangerous habits.

All these benefits and drawbacks create the profile of a popular kid. As a matter of fact, some people may get enjoyment out of being part of a big circle of friends, but there are others who ruin their lives because of popularity and the pressure of fake hugs and attachments.

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