The Speckled Band

The Author of this book is Virginia Evans – Jenny Dooley

The book is about a famous detective Sherlock Holmes. The story was for Helen’s sister Julia that died two years ago just before her wedding. Helen had a stepfather Dr Roylott he was a doctor who had lots of money but he lost his job and now he hasnt any money. Helen wanted to meet Holmes because she heard the same sounds that Julia heard after she died. That night Julia goes to Helen’s room and she said to Helen – Helen… Do you hear strange noises very late at night? Then Helen answered – NO. Julia what kind of noises? Then Julia said that – Every night this week, i’ve woken up and heard a strange whistling, and the sou d of metal clanging. Suddenly at 3 AM helen heard Julia screaming, she ran to julias room and Julia opened the door and she fell down but before she fell she said to Helen – Helen!  It was the band! The Speckled band!! She was died…. Holmes wanted to visit the house. He visited Helen’s, julia’s and Dr Roylott’s room he found weird stuff to Dr Roylott’s room he found a big Green box. He asked helen if she knows something about that he said. – Whats in the safe?.Helen doesnt know whats in safe. They were hiding at night to see what Dr Roylott does. They saw that in that big Green box in there it was the deadliest snake in india. They actually found out that he was trying to kill helen like he does to Julia because he wanted all the moneys that Helen’s mom left for them but the snake killed him first. That was the story i didnt go into details but you should read that book, bye! 

New Words I learnt are:
My favourite part of the book is:
When Holmes found out that he killed Julia with the deadliest snake!
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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