The Snow Queen


The Author of this book is Hans Christian Andersen

The evil goblins have a mirror which makes everything look ugly. When the mirror breaks, the pieces fly all around the world. Some pieces go into people’s eyes and some into people’s hearts. Kay and Gerda are two young friends who love each other very much. They are happy until one day Kay gets a piece of the broken mirror in his eye and another in his heart. He starts being unkind to Gerda and sees only bad things around him. Then the Snow Queen comes and takes him away to her castle in the far North. Gerda is very sad. She goes to river and ask if the river know where is Kay. Suddenly the river takes Gerda to flower garden. She tells her story to the woman who lived there . The woman didn’t want Gerda to leave so she used magic to make her stay with her. After some months the womans magic is gone and Gerda leaves her. In her way she meet o crow and told him her story. He said that there is a palace and Gerda thinks that Kay is in there . She went inside and saw Kai Prince and princess but Kay was not there. They felt sorry for Gerda and gave her new clothes and a carriage. In her way she meet a robber girl. She tooked Gerdas thing but gave her Bac her reindeer to help Gerda find Kay. In their way they meet two old womans and they knew where the Snow Queen lived. Gerda found the castle and went inside when the queen was gone. She saw Key and went to him but he didn’t remember her. But then Gerdas tears washed the piece of broken mirror from Kay’s heart and eye and then he remembered her. They leaved the castle and went home. Gerda and Kay lived again happy. 

New Words I learnt are:

My favourite part of the book is:
My favorite part is when Gerda found Kay and they want home
I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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