The smile :)

One time there was a girl named Caroline she lived in an  another planet ,that had only one rule .The rule was that everyone had to smile every time of the day even if there sad , that rule stared at the age of 13  kids could cry becuase they were to young .If someone stoped smiling ,the haved to be killed by the agents only because they smiled .Some people thought that if they put a smiling mask on they could cry without being killed . 

Caroline’s mum died because she cryed at her grandfather’s  funeral .Caroline had to go see a doctor cause she had to take a pill called “happy pill” that make her smile all the time the problem was that she didn’t want thet pill but the doc gave her with the name of “HP” so she could’nt know what is it .So shr took the pill and she slowy became a maniac and she started killing poeple , it turned out that the doctor was a phycopath and she was undr his control because he create “happpy pill ” and the rule of happy face .

Caroline had to go to the hospital but she died mystiriously .

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