The scary forest

Jacob looked at the map and decided to go west. We wanted to explore a forest that everyone told us that it was haunted. We were curious to go there! We stayed there for 2 days. The first day we explored the west side of the forest. We didn’t find anything so we went to sleep early. We heard creepy noises out of ur tend! It was very scary!

The next day we woke up early so that we could have more time to explore. We were walking all day, so we decided to rest for some minutes. We started to explore more but it had already started to get darker. It had fog so we couldn’t find our way!

Suddenly we heard strange noises coming out of the bushes! We thought that it was a bear but there aren’t any bears in this forest! We started to shout because we thought that it was a ghost! Then a bush started to move. We didn’t know what to do! Jacob stood up for us and threw a piece of wood to the bush. A raccoon came out of there. When we saw it we started laughing. We headed back to our tent, relieved from our experience

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