The Santa Clause

Video Summary:
Τhis movie is about a man who had divorced his wife and this year was his turn to pass Christmas with his son. His son, Charlie, didn’t believe in Santa Claus because his mother’s new husband had told him that he didn’t exist. But his real father was trying to convince him that he exists, without him really believing it. However, on Christmas day while Charlie was asleep he heard a noise on the roof and he went to wake up his dad. His father ran outside to see who he was and shouted: “who is there”. Terrified, Santa Claus fell from the roof and then disappeared leaving his uniform in the yard. Then Charlie’s father, Scott, found a piece of paper in Santa΄s pocket saying that he must take the role of Santa Claus. But Scott isn’t convinced that this is true and he refuses to believe it even though he sees his body taking the form of Santa Claus and visits the North Pole and meets the elves. What he will do. Will he disappoint all children who wait for their presents under the tree?
It is a very funny movie by Disney for the whole family. My favourite parts are when Scott’s body and face take the form of Santa Claus and when he visits the North Pole. It is one of my favourite Christmas movies and I highly recommend it.

Level of entry:
Senior E

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