The positives and negatives of staying inside

This year didn’t start well. Covid-19, also known as the coronavirus, made the whole world stay inside. There are a lot of negatives and positives of staying inside. These are for me the positives and negatives of staying home.
At the start it would look pretty cool staying inside, doing whatever you wanted to do at any time. But after the first week, it slowly became boring and it is becoming more and more boring as days pass. A negative thing is that you cant go out and meet your friends and talk to them as you would do daily. After some hours you will get bored and just try and find something to spend your time on. Also, you can’t do after school activities as everything is closed.
The positives are that you have almost all day to do activities that you may not have time to do and you can do whatever activities you want that are not outdoors.

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