The positive & negative aspects of staying inside

This year, a very powerful disease known as coronavirus, has made our lives different. We have to stay all the time in our houses and to wash our hands twenty-four hours a day. Is this good for as or not?

Firstly, staying home, is a good way to be safe and to do things with our family. For example, you can play some board games or to cook with your parents. Also it is a good idea to do a puzzle or to see a funny movie.

Secondly, you can do things that you couldn’t do because you had not time. You can read your favourite books, you can listen your favourite books and you can have some rest. Furthermore, do some exercise or clean your room.

But the negative aspects are more and serious. Staying home all the time it is not the best thing for your mental health. You cannot go to the parks, to meet your friends and to play with them. You can’t see your grandparents and this is very sad.

In my opinion, staying home is a good way to be safe and to do things with your family, but it is not good for your health. For this reason I will recommend you to stay home and to go out for a walk once a week.

Keep safe guys!

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  • Way to go, Marianna! Very interesting essay. Well structured and I particularly like the way your writing flows. Keeping doing a great job 🚀😎

  • Very good Marianna! Excellent essay and as Mr. Mike says it is very well written with a nice structure. I am proud of you!

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