The Pirates of the Caribbean and the Chest of the Dead!

Hi John,
How are things? How’s your family? I hope you’re well!!! In this e-mail, I want to tell you about a film which I saw last night. I think you know it because you love this series. It’s called: The Pirates of the Caribbean and the Chest of the Dead. I chose that film because I know that you haven’t seen it yet so I’ll tell you the summary of it. The protagonists are four: Jack Sparrow, a pirate who is clever but he is also very idiot, a young boy who has fallen in love with a girl called Elisabeth, Elisabeth, a very beautiful girl who knows how to fight and the Kraken, a creature in the sea seems an octopus but it is much bigger than an octopus. Jack Sparrow, the young boy and Elisabeth want to find the Chest of the Dead and the key to open it. But the Kraken has got the key. So they must fight against that creature to take the key but they must also find the chest. The chest is a temptation for everyone so they start fighting. Will they manage to reconcile and find the key and the Chest of the Dead? You must see the film to find out the continuation.
I’m waiting for your letter,

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  • Interesting plot !! The movie has a lot of action & suspense !! I have to see it !! Well done Panagiotis 👏

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