The new technological achievements destroy our lifes or not?

Each year, a close relationship is becoming stronger between technology and the younger generations. A new dependence is being created as the years are passing, which has negative implications on our lives. In my opinion, there are destroying our lives.

In general, as we all know, young children pass many hours on the internet and this has many shortcomings. In spite of knowing the hidden dangers of the internet, a lot of parents allow their children to use social media. For instance, imagine a child playing his video game, but after he changes levels it is necessary to buy new skills, which might need real money. The kid will not know the meaning of the credit card and will press the bottom. In other words, children spend money unintentionally. 

Additionally, new technological improvements create lots of new products like tablets, phones, and others which entice the children to not go outside. In particular, the playgrounds are empty, clearly, the children prefer to stay inside playing videogames than having the gratification playing with their friends. This means that an enormous number of kids might have lots of problems in the future like obesity because of sedentary life and vision problems because of a lack of vitamins.

In conclusion, technology has to be observed because it can create problems for people. Psychological, health and also relationship problems could be formed and people could become unemployed. However, we can use technology safely unless the evolution of technology gets out of control and then becomes obvious that there are more things to fear about technology. After all, is it really true that currency has two sides?

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