The lost camera

Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. He went to see the car he had rented if it was there, but it wasn’t there. After a while he thought that he had put it to charge and that he might have forgotten the camera there. So he stopped worrying, and decided to enjoy his stroll and take pictures with his cell phone camera.

When he went to the hotel he found the charger in his office but the camera was not there. He started  searching everywhere but could  not find the camera anywhere. Then he decided to go to the park to look for the camera in case he left it somewhere there. But he did not find the camera, he was very upset because it was a very expensive camera and he was very comfortable.

After that, when he returned to the hotel he went to get the charger of his cell phone from the drawer of the nightstand and found the camera. He was greatly relieved.

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