The lost camera

Ken looked at his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. Our gate for the plane had just opened. My mum and I started to panic because we couldn’t miss our flight and I couldn’t leave my brother behind too, luckily dad was there to calm us. He was the only person that was calm in this situation.

When we calmed down a little, mum told Ken that he could stay at the airport’s hotel for the night and wait for tomorrow’s flight. And the rest of the day before the flight could go look for his camera.

While we were on the plane Ken was in the city. He searched everywhere, even at the cafe that we had stopped for some minutes. At the cafe, he asked the ice-cream seller if he had seen a black camera. Well, the ice-cream seller remembered that a waiter had told him that while he was cleaning a table he found a black big camera on table 20.

The next morning Ken was walking in the airport waiting for the time to pass so that he could go to his gate. While he was walking he heard an employee of the airport that his flight was cancelled because of the bad weather. He got really mad and annoyed so he went back home and didn’t come with us to London.

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