Ken looked in his backpack to find his camera, but it wasn’t there. He was wandering around the zoo, in front of the cage of the lions. He wanted to take some photos of the lions when he realized that his camera was missing. He began to panic because it was a new camera and it was quite expensive.

Ken started looking for his camera everywhere in his backpack, in every pocket. Certainly, he had had his camera earlier when he took some photos of the snakes and the big tiger. Unfortunately, the camera was nowhere to be found. He tried to remember the last time he had it. Then he thought, that maybe he had lost it when he stopped to get some ice cream.

Ken rushed to find the ice cream seller immediately. He remembered that the ice-cream seller was outside of the café, near the penguins. Unfortunately, when he arrived at the same place, the ice cream seller had left and he didn’t manage to find him. Ken was miserable. Now he had to go around the zoo, looking for the ice-cream seller.

But while Ken seemed desperate a young man came out of the café and asked him if he was looking for a lost camera. He explained that the ice cream seller had found the camera and had left it to him. He was wondering how the café owner knew that the camera was his. The young man smiled and said that he had seen the photos on the camera. Ken felt truly grateful and he was now happy to continue his walk in the zoo.

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