The little Prince

The little prince is a novel written by the French author Antoin de Saint-Exupery in 1943. It’s about a boy called Little prince who lives on a asteroid known as “B612”,where there are three volcanoes and a rose. He spends his days cleaning the volcanoes and weeding all the unwanted seeds and plants, which could hurt his rose. He loves his rose and he works very hard to keep it safe.
The story follows the young prince, who visits other planets and meets different people, including earth. Earth is the last station of his trip, where he meets the narrator, who is a pilot and his aircraft had been crashed in the desert. They become friends and the young prince tells him everything about his home and all the people he had met. Every single character could teach the reader something.
Other characters of the novel are a fox an a snake. The fox believes in Friendship and tells the prince that his rose is special and unique because he loves it. The snake tells the prince that his body is too heavy to take him to his planet. When the prince feels homesick allows the snake to bite him. So his soul could return to the stars.
This book seems to be a children’s book,but actually it talks to everyone’s heart. It’s a book about loneliness, friendship, love, faith and loss.
The moral of the story is that we see clearly only with the heart.

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