The Kedu Spelling BEE Challenge!

Hi George,
How are things? I hope you’re well! In this e-mail, I want to tell you about an event I went to. This event was from our English school and it was called the Kedu Spelling BEE challenge. But every story has a beginning so let’s start from the beginning. As you now in our school we have a website called “”. As I was looking for something on that website I saw a little paragraph which was writing about that challenge. When I read it I said to myself “I’ll have fun” so I decided to take part in it. For this challenge, I had to study 4 units of vocabulary so I started my hard work. First, it was very difficult but in the end, I understood that it was very easy. When the time came I was very happy because I saw my classmates again. I clicked on the link and suddenly I saw my friends and my teacher… The challenge wasn’t too difficult but when I was doing it I was still nervous. I calmed down only when I realized that I was the winner. I recommend this challenge to you because it was really fun!
Your friend

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  • Great to hear that the Spelling Bee Challenge was lots of fun !! Bravo Panagioti for your hard work !!

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