The Jungle Book(Movie Review)!!!

This movie is called the jungle book. It’s about Mowgli, a little kid, who was grown-up by a black panther, Bagheera. Bagheera trains Mowgli in order to learn the ways of the wolves because if he didn’t know them he would have to leave the jungle. But Mowgli can’t use the wolves’ ways because he is a human and he had learnt the human ways to face difficulties. When Shere Khan, a tiger who controlled everything in the jungle, learnt about Mowgli he wanted to kill him. One day, Mowgli was walking around the jungle and he met Kaa, the snake and it tried to devour Mowgli but a bear, Baloo saved him. Baloo and Mowgli became very good friends… But Shere Khan still wanted to kill him and he was looking for ways to reach his goal!

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