The influence of the internet in everyday life

Technological improvement has offered deeply people’s lives, changing the way of living. Due to internet people have come closer, new ways of communication and learning have appeared as the electronic revolution grows.

Nowdays, internet is an everyday tool influencing many subjects, especialy education. Teachers around the world educate their students by internet platforms or using internet tools such as gimkind and educative videos and games. It is true that students who learn with the techonologic help are more successed of getting their target, because internet is more intderactive and entertaining that books and old ways of education. Also, internet is an solution os distance learning, giving opportunities to each pearson around the world.

In the same way, communication has been affected by internet. The majority of people prefer socializing with the most modern way of talking. As phones have lost their value, electronic socialization has grown rapidly. People send uncounded messages, make internet calls and communicate both on video calls. This change that the internet has bought, have help the people communicate more decreasing the distances.

Concluding, there are other influenced such as personal entertainment and workplace. The internet has obviously invaded our lives. But, are you in favor of the changes it has brought about? As you asked me, internet have solve my hands in many situations. It has helped me on school, to learn, to do my homeworks and talk with foreign friends. Generally, it have offered me a comfortable life.

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