The Important Of Friendship!!!

First, friends bring happiness into our lives, and a lack of connection with them can be just as devastating as smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

Good friends improve our mood. Happiness is said to be contagious. Happy and optimistic friends can form a more beautiful outlook on things and elevate our psychology. Οur friends give us the courage and confidence we need to keep going.

In childhood we begin to choose friends because we look alike, because we have common interests and as we lead into adolescence our friends become even more important to us, we identify with them, they support us, we trust them with our desires, our dreams and our difficulties .

Sometimes things are not very easy with friendships. Friendships do not last forever, but that does not mean that there are no friendships that last a lifetime. Most of the time friendships fade and naturally weaken over time. This happens as friends’ lives, interests and priorities change. Thus, some move, others take on new responsibilities in their lives as a result of which they move away.

But I do not think that means that the friendship is really over. Many times the separation of the two friends is a necessary developmental stage of the friendship where after a while the friends have matured, adapted to their lives and returned to building the relationship, and this time stronger.

When Pythagoras (philosopher) was asked what a friend is, he replied: “He who is your other self,

That is why I personally believe that friendships are necessary!!!

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