The importance of Friendship.

Friendship is a bond between souls with the same matters and beliefs. Friendship requires more than love. There are many valuable things in life but friendship is one important of those things. Friendship is necessary for the successful well being of every person because we are not self-sufficient ourselves, that’s why I believe friendship is a really important part of our life.
There exist many important things in life but friendship is the most important of them. Every friend is important and we realize their importance when we face a difficult situation. In that situation, only a real friend will help us, and give us the courage to get out of the situation. There’s no doubt a friend adds fullness to life. While we spend time with friends, we can fill up our lives with great communication, deep caring, and comfort.
It is essential to be selective when choosing friends but that’s not easy. There should be inherent elements in a perfect friendship. Four important qualities of a friend are understanding, empathy, honesty, and above all loyalty. Apart from these, there are some other elements in friendship such as kindness, humour, supportiveness e.t.c
We choose our own friends in our life. The journey of our life becomes memorable and enjoyable because of our friends. Friends can eliminate boredom and loneliness from our life. Friendship is a lovely relation which without it our life becomes dull.

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  • Excellent writing, Stratoula. I wish you to have all the friends you want to have with these qualities!! Merry Christmas!!!🎅🎅🎅🎅

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