The importance of friendship

“Friendship is the only cement that will hold the whole world together” Woodrow Wilson T. said. Nowdays, many people say that have a true friendship but this is not correct. In my opinion, a strong friendship ca be found difficulty because this days people do not want your good.

Firstly, a friend is giving courage to us. This is beneficial because with a friend giving us courage , we can achieve our goals and pass the problems and difficulties of life.

Secondly , friendship reduces the risk of people suffering from loneliness. For example if people suffer loneliness, it may damage their health. It is possible being not easy situations that people can not pass.

On the other hand, friendship can hurt us. For instance, we may have an argument and one of us fall in depression of the fight. This is not beneficial because this mean heart broking or hurt feelings 😥

In conclusion, friendship is very important but we can have a true friendship very difficult and it might take time to find a friend that accepts you the way you are.

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