The importance of friendship

Friendship, a word nobody really knows what it means. Something that we all know about that word is that everybody needs it to survive. Living without a friend is like living in a place where nobody else exists. Many people say that living without friends it’s easier than it looks like, but I don’t stand by that. And this is why. 

To begin with, a common thing that friends do is giving courage. By giving courage to someone we encourage them to do many things. Also giving courage means to support our friends on a difficult time, by telling them all the positive things in a situation.  This can help them see clearer on a time they can’t.    

Secondly, a very important point with having no friends is feeling lonely. Loneliness can be a very harmful disease, if you let it.   It can be good and bad for you. Many people like being alone, because they like quiet, but I think that after some time you will get a feeling that feels like something is missing.  

Lastly having no friends can make you to take your life away. Without even noticing it, it can make you feel that your life, isn’t worth it anymore. On our days, when people commit suicide is usually because they don’t have a single friend to be there on their side when we need them most. Another information about suicide, is that most of them are teenagers. 

In conclusion, we can understand that friends are a pretty big deal in our life. Without them we wouldn’t be the persons that we are now. So, if we can solve a pretty big problem with just being there for each other, why we don’t do it? 


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