The Haunted School

We were staring at the board when we heard a noise. ”Help Help” Someone said.. We got out of the classroom and started to run down stairs, the voice was closer… ”Help Help” we were hearing again.. After some time of searching we found a secret door!! We got inside and started searching, we found someone under the desk.. ” What are you doing here?” we asked, when he replied ” The school is haunted and we need to find a way to get out”!! At that moment we started to search for more hints.. ”Guys come here i think i found something” we all went to that place and started pushing the door..  When we finally got inside we found a note saying.. ” The other place you need to be is a place with things the school doesn’t need.” ”The basement” someone said.. We went to the basement and started searching for the key.. Suddenly the key wasn’t there.. But then we found a note that said ” The key is somewhere high and u need a ladder to catch it” We got a ladder and started searching.. ” I found it ” someone said.. ” There is a note to!! ” The note said ” Great you completed the game” ” What game we all said”. After that we all went downstairs to open the door… ” Boo” said the principal.. ” What are you doing here??” We all said.. When he replied with ” It’s the 1st of April” ”Yes we know that” we said.. In the end, the principal replied with ” It’s April fools day”!! We all started laughing and then we went to our classroom again.. The End!!

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