The haunted doll

A thousand years ago, there was a person named Alexa that she gave dolls to the children. One of these dolls was haunted. A girl who took the doll had no idea that the doll was haunted. She went to her mums work and she played with the doll. When the doll opened and close her eyes the girl was dead. Her mum was shocked. She left only for a minute and her daughter was dead. When mum picks the doll she looked at her eyes and after 10 minutes she was dead too. The other people that they were there, picked the doll and they don’t look at her eyes so they gave her to a museum. After a thousand years when a thousand people went to this museum a person named Stefan went near the doll and he was The doll down. After 20 minutes he was dead by a car accident. They don’t know yet how the accident was.


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