What is Halloween

Halloween is a holiday celebrated on 31st October. It is a tradition when the children wear scary clothes and they go to the houses in their neighbourhood and they say “Trick or Treat”. If you don’t give sweets to the children they do a trick. All the people during Halloween decorate their homes with scary decoration such as pumpkin which is carved lanterns. In America, people have a lot of events with adventures and scary games.

In Greece, a lot of English schools organize a party in an outdoor place with a lot of games. The winners get cool prizes. The children and the teachers wear scary costumes and they scare children without costumes. At this event, there is a lot of foods. There is a big table with strange and different foods and drinks. They listen to music and all the children have fun at this even!!!

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  • I agree Theodore !! Our school organizes great Halloween events ..!! 👻

  • I agree Theodore !! Our school organizes great Halloween 🎃👻events !!

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