The girl with the seven gold matches

The title of this book is The Girl with the seven gold matches

This book is written by Christine Taratsa.

This book is about Elpida a 12-year-old girl that wants to change the world. The story starts on Christmas night before she falls asleep. She asks her mother why people are so bad and some have no food. Her mother explains that it isn’t very good to think about all this that night. She falls asleep and in her dreams, she is thinking about the question she asked her mother. Suddenly, something strange happens.

My favourite part is when Elpida a 20-year-old girl meets Emerson the son of the king. They are best friends but Emerson doesn’t see her as a friend. He asks her to be his wife.

I give this book 5 stars because I liked the plot and the end of the story was amazing.

I recommend this book to a friend because I think it is a very good book and easy to read.

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