The Gifted Child. John’s story!

Hi guys. How are things? Today I want to tell you a story about a young boy who became the principal of his school. But every story has a beginning, so let’s start from it. It was a sunny day and John’s first day at school. He woke up very happy excited. At first, he thought that the other kids at school will laugh at him because he was wearing glasses. But then his parents told him that it’s not strange to wear glasses. Many kids wear glasses. That’s true but his classmates at school weren’t good kids. They were very bad kids. The school was near his home and he could go by himself, but his parents decided to drive him to school. When John and his parents went to the school, the other kids started laughing at him because of his glasses, his weight and his height. He wanted to leave but he couldn’t. The time was going by and his classmates were laughing at him, again and again, all day long. He hadn’t any friends but he didn’t care about it. He wanted to study and to be the first of the school. And he managed it. He was the brightest of the school. All the teachers knew that he was gifted. He could solve problems that his teachers couldn’t. Finally, the principal of the school decided to concede him his job title. John was very enthusiastic. He finally accepted the suggestion. All the kids stopped laughing at him. They were proud of him. Since then he was called “the gifted child”. That’s John’s story. I hope you liked it.

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