The four candles

There were four candles, slowly burned their whisper almost could be heard in the darkness.
The first candle was heard to say “I am peace! unfortunately people can’t manage to keep me. The world is full of anger. Always there is a war on earth. Everyday people pass their time arguing and fighting nobody can keep me lit” and the flame of the candle blew out
The second candle said “I am faith, unfortunately, people have lost their faith. So, it doesn’t matter if I got blow out” and after these words, a breeze blew the candle’s flame.
The third candle was sad. It said “I am love. Unfortunately people don’t love each other any more. They don’t even love themselves. They can’t understand how important love is. They are so busy that they forget to take care of their nearest people. I can’t stand burning”. After these words, it’s frame softly blew out.
Then a voice was heard in the darkness.”Why aren’t you burning? you are supposed to stay till the end” it was the fourth candle speaking. “I am hope. While I am burning, I can light all the other candles”. So peace, faith and love started to lit again.
The flame of Hope should never go out of our heart. Only with hope we can live in peace, with faith and love.

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